End of term lunch

Lunch Details, T&Cs

We usually have a class lunch at So’s Kitchen (see here) the week following the end of term. Booking in advance is necessary as So’s Kitchen is relatively small and numbers can be critical to the seating plan.

We pay an all-inclusive fixed price which includes Chinese tea and a gratuity, details in your invitation letter.

Choice of dishes

We share a number of dishes. We try to circulate dishes around the table as quickly as possible whilst they are hot.   Our menu is based on Some of our Favourite DIshes.

If you prefer not to share, eg for dietary reasons or you are feeling adventurous, that’s fine. If you choose an unpopular dish you may be expected to eat it all yourself!

The management request that we make our choice a couple of days beforehand so that they can organize the preparation.


Please let us know if you are a vegetarian and give us some suggestions so we can adjust the order accordingly.

We always have some vegetarian dishes which tend to be popular with all when it comes to it, so it’s polite to let the vegetarians have first choice of these dishes.

So’s cannot guarantee that vegetarian dishes will be cooked in pans solely used for vegetarian dishes.


Usually we are allowed to park in the Church car park, but this cannot be guaranteed especially when there is a Church function. On-street parking on single yellow lines is okay after 11.30 am. See Parking.

T&Cs: Booking, receipts and refunds

Payment is required by or at the last class of term.  See How can I pay?. Paper receipts are given for cash payments.

If you cancel by email by two clear days (48 hours) before you will get a refund less £2. After that the restaurant expects full payment as some dishes are expensive and are prepared in advance, but there may be someone on the waiting list who will buy your place from you (ask me).