We have two ongoing classes, a Beginners Class and an Improvers Class, and we also run the occasional Basics Course for those who wish to join the Beginners Class.

We do not currently have plans for a Basics Course, but we are often able to offer a trial Beginners Class to those who have good body awareness (proprioception) eg from ballet/yoga/Pilates or a sport. If you wish to enquire about this, or be informed of our next Basics course, please Contact Us.

The Improvers Class is often suitable for those who have some previous Tai Chi experience, however long ago.  The body has a better memory than you may think, and developing that is part of Tai Chi.

If you are thinking of Tai Chi for health reasons do have a look at https://www.blf.org.uk/tai-chi – it is very positive about health in general.

We are a not-for-profit club that since 2005 has been promoting the health benefits of Tai Chi.  We meet most Thursdays with a Beginners Class at 12.15 pm followed by an Improvers Class. We have no other classes.  We have tea (and often cake) after each class.

Our teacher is Anita Wai Chi Ho.  Our venue is the Woking United Reformed Church in White Rose Lane GU22 7HA, 3-4 minutes walk south of Woking Station.  It has a warm airy spacious hall and a comfortable and welcoming area for tea afterwards. Most weeks there is some parking on-site.

Is it for me?   What should I wear?   We’d love you to Contact us  especially if you are thinking of joining the class.
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