This term

Our classes are during the early afternoon on Thursdays.   We have a Calendar.

The Autumn Term

The term runs from 21 September until 30 November with a half-term break on 26 October in line with Surrey Schools, 10 sessions in all.  There will be an end of term lunch on 7 December.

We have two classes on Thursday lunchtimes (only). After each class members are welcome to stay on for a cup of tea and a chat in the Church’s lovely forum. Often one of the members provides some cake (we have a voluntary Cake Rota).

  • A Beginners Class from 12.15-1.10 pm.  The fee for the ten classes is £70. Newcomers pay £5 towards their first class and the pro-rata balance if they join.
  • An Improvers Class initially from 1.10-2.15 pm. The class starts with an unsupervised warm-up whilst the teacher has a short break. Details to be discussed with the class.

Our classes are on Thursdays. We have no other classes.

Tai Chi for Health is managed on a not-for-profit basis by one of the class members.