This term

Next term starts September 15.  Please see Midsummer 2022 for additional classes in August.

 If you wish to attend a class please read this page and use the contact button to ask if a place is available.

Our teacher, Anita Wai Chi Ho, is a Chinese professional teacher. Our classes are in the middle of the day on Thursdays:

  • 11:30 Improvers A general class for both novices with good co-ordination (proprioception) eg sports people or dancers, and those with some experience
  • 12:45 Beginners A class with novices particularly in mind
  • 14:00 A Forms Class currently learning the 37 Form. (A form is a set piece; this one has 37 moves.)

The term runs from 15 September 2022, for current details please see  Calendar.

The fees are £80 for the 10 classes (tbc).  See How do I pay? We are not PAYG, please see our Fee policy.

New Members. Naturally we expect you to attend a class before committing to joining it. Because of Covid we have strict, smaller, limits on the size of classes. The preferred way of making a booking is by enquiring about joining a particular class.  A booking  is confirmed by a timely payment of £8.    After the initial class we request payment for the rest of the term pro-rata.

If you prefer to pay for the full term (or rest of it) in advance but before your second class decide not to continue we will of course refund the  balance.   Refunds are easily handled if you use, see payment .

If you are interested please contact us.

We and the Church have some Covid Mitigation policies in place.

Our classes are on Thursdays. We have no other classes.


Tai Chi for Health is managed on a not-for-profit basis by one of the class members.

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