This term

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Our classes are on Thursday afternoons during term-time.   The fees are currently £80 for a ten-week term (see “How can I pay?”).  Details of the teacher and the venue as well as answers to frequently answered questions can be found on Welcome!

Spring Term

The term runs from 9 January until 19 March except for 20 February, 10 sessions in all.  Currently the fees are £80 for ten classes.  There will be an end of term lunch at 12.30pm in So’s Kitchen on the Thursday following the last class (to be confirmed).

We have three classes on Thursday afternoons during term time. After each class members are welcome to stay on for a cup of tea and a chat. Sometimes one of the members provides cake (we have a voluntary Cake Rota).

  • A Basics Class from 2.45-3.45pm (for those with no prior experience)
  • A Beginners Class from 12.15-1.15 pm.
  • An Improvers Class from 1.30-2.30 pm.

Note: for historical reasons the Basics Class takes place after the other two classes.

For newcomers the first class attended will have a £5 fee with the pro-rata balance for the rest of the term payable the week after if you decide to continue (see “How can I pay?”).  We are not PAYG, please see our Fee policy.

Our classes are on Thursdays. We have no other classes.

We have a Calendar.

Tai Chi for Health is managed on a not-for-profit basis by one of the class members.

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