“How do I pay?”

I’m often asked ‘how do I pay?’ and to whom (John Washbrook).

There are a number of ways to pay class fees. I record the payment method (not the amount) in a spreadsheet you and others can access when given the link. If you are concerned about your name being known to others let me know.

  • Cash was always welcome but not with Covid-19.
  • PayPal.me/JohnWashbrook as “friends and family” is the favoured method as it is simple to PP friendrefund (as has happened with Covid-19) . You will  always be offered a choice of friends and family or purchase from vendor, but when depends on the platform you use. You may only notice it  as late as the ‘confirm’ page; but you will get it.  PayPal may make it intuitive to make the wrong choice, eg by the use of a bright blue background.  Choose friends and family or add £3 to cover PayPal’s fee.  If you don’t see the choice email me a phone number.
  • Internet bank transfer is good payable to John Washbrook, sort code 40-47-08, please email me your mobile number and I will text the account number.
  • Cheques payable to John Washbrook.  Please ask for my address.

For lunch fees paid by cash I give a paper receipt but otherwise rely on notifications from PayPal or bank.