“How do I pay?”

I’m often asked ‘how do I pay?’ and to whom (John Washbrook).

There are a number of ways to pay class fees. I record the payment method (not the amount) in a spreadsheet you and others can access when given the link. If you are concerned about your name being known to others let me know.

  • Cash was always welcome but not with Covid-19.
  • PayPal.me/JohnWashbrook as “friends and family”.   The first time (only) you use this link you will be offered a choice of friends and family or purchase from vendor.  Choose the former or add £3 to cover PayPal’s fee.  You may not get this option if you open PayPal as normal. If you aren’t offered the choice contact me.
    PayPal is the favoured method as if there is a need for a refund (as has happened with Covid-19) it is very easy and your bank details are not needed.
  • Internet bank transfer is good payable to John Washbrook, sort code 40-47-08, please email me your mobile number and I will text the account number.
  • Cheques payable to John Washbrook.  Please ask for my address.

For lunch fees paid by cash I give a paper receipt but otherwise rely on notifications from PayPal or bank.