“How can I pay?”

I’m often asked ‘how can I pay?’ and to whom (John Washbrook).

For lunch fees paid by cash I give a paper receipt but otherwise don’t email receipts.

There are a number of ways to pay class fees which I confirm by email.  It’s very important that you get a receipt as otherwise the payment may not go through the books.

  • Cash is always welcome, but please ensure that at the time I give you a paper receipt.  I will send an email receipt within 24 hours – if you don’t get one by then let me know immediately.  It is very embarrassing if some time later I cannot remember it and you have no email or paper receipt.
  • PayPal.me/JohnWashbrook as “friends and family” is a very convenient method of payment and I am told it is more secure than bank transfer.  A great thing about this method of payment is that we are both sent an email recording the payment (but I will still send a receipt).  There is a choice of payment method: “friends and family” and “purchase from a vendor”.  If you choose the ‘purchase’ option please add £3 to your fee to cover the charges that PayPal levies.  ‘Friends’ is free. If you are not already a PayPal user they will need details of your email account and bank account.
  • Internet bank transfer is good, please ask me for payment details.   Again, I will send a receipt by email.
  • Cheques payable to John Washbrook.  I will send a receipt by email within 48 hours.

FYI: Cheque books were due to be phased out in the UK by 2018, but those plans were scrapped, because no viable alternatives for the elderly and vulnerable were in place (most British cheque users are aged over 65).

According to UK Finance, the trade association for the British banking sector, cheques made up only 0.9% of all payments here in 2018 – but they still added up to a surprising £443 billion  in transactions.