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Please note that we do not have any evening classes, we have only three classes, in the middle of Thursdays during school term-times. Unfortunately we are unable to advise you of other Tai Chi (or Yoga) classes – such information tends to date rapidly.

Before contacting us to see if a place is available please see the details of dates, times and fees in This Term.   You may also wish to know How do I pay?   Details of Our teacher and the venue can be found on the Welcome page.

Please use this form to contact us.  We rely on email to keep in contact with you and it ensures we have a record of your name and the email address you supply.

PRIVACY we use the Name you supply on the class list.  The list can only be seen by other members. It does not contain email addresses.

If you need to keep your identity hidden for any reason we understand this, and ask you please to provide an alias of your choice for your Name.  The full alias will be used in roll calls (needed for Covid).  The teacher will also use the first name to address you in class, so it may be preferable for you to keep to your usual one.