About Fees

Not for profit, not PAYG

The club’s mission is to provide high-quality classes with a health ethos in a welcoming environment locally in Woking. The fees are competitive and depend on the size of the classes.  We have a  Fee policy.

We do not run on a PAYG basis. After an introductory class we expect interested members to sign up for the rest of the term, see This Term.   The fees show are current.  As it is a not-for-profit organisation fees depend on the size of the classes – they can go down as well as up.

We do not expect or want you to commit to the course without first trying it.  We would appreciate hearing from you if you wish to attend.

It is not PAYG because there needs to be a stable income as the Hall and teaching costs are fixed.  Not collecting fees also means the full class-time can be spent on Tai Chi.

For those Beginners who do not wish to commit to the whole term we can sometimes offer an alternative to PAYG, see Part-time Membership.  It depends on the size of the class and how well the teacher thinks you are doing – we don’t want you to fall behind the rest of the class.

Tai Chi for Health is managed on a not-for-profit basis by one of the class members.

For interest:  not directly comparable, but see the local Fees for Pilates mat classes