Fee policy

Ever since the class started in 2005 we have had a ‘no drop-in’ policy. After trying the class we expect students who wish to continue to commit to the rest of the term.

If you really want a PAYG class you will probably find that their rates are considerably more than ours, some more than double; our fees are set at a level to cover costs as we are not-for-profit, and there is a fine line between profit and loss.  We usually have a waiting list of people wishing to join the class but we of course cannot offer missed classes to them.

Some of the reasons for not allowing drop-in students are

  • Once we allow just one drop-in student we would have to allow it for anyone. This would completely change the character of the class.
  • Although physical exercise is an important aspect of the classes, they are not just ‘work outs’; there is also a mental aspect to learning the forms and learning to focus on them. As one gets older this becomes increasingly important!
  • We want the commitment of students so that we can all learn and progress.
  • Adult Education classes operate the same policy. Our fees are competitive.
  • We want stable classes, not too large, so that everyone has a good experience

See also Part-time Membership

Tai Chi for Health is managed on a not-for-profit basis by one of the class members.