‘Part-time’ membership

We do not offer PAYG  but we may at our discretion reduce fees for those who have commitments on nominated known dates.

For a 10-week term the fees, paid in advance, are reduced for any known dates less two.  Example: you nominate 3 days when you will not attend class.  Your fees are reduced by one class.

o~o~o~o~o~ The small print ~o~o~o~o~o

(sorry but it helps avoid confrontations with those who demand PAYG).

Rationale:  it is not unusual for members to miss two or more classes in a term and it would be divisive to allow part-timers to attend the same number of classes at a lower cost.  Also, for the class to progress it is important that students commit to the class and do not hold it back. At least half of the term must be attended.

Classes not attended would not be refunded, as is normally the case.

This offer may not be available when classes are large.

If a known date is actually attended a surcharge of £5 (in addition to the fee for the class) will apply.  If these charges are not paid immediately membership will be terminated and any other fees paid will be forfeit.  These restrictions are to avoid the system being played by those who want to PAYG.

For a term of more than 10 weeks the fees, paid in advance, are reduced for any known dates less 2.5.  Example: in a 12-week term you nominate 4 days.  Your fees are reduced by 1.5 classes.  (Other members may miss 3 classes.)

This policy is more generous than, for example, that of Surrey Adult Learning who offer no refunds or rebates.

By applying for this membership you agree with the conditions.

If you wish to take this up, please Contact us