Tai Chi Class Lunch

Please also see       End of term lunch for terms and conditions

Some of our favourite dishes


(In these dishes the chili is separate)
Fried Tofu with salt and chili
Deep-fried Squid with spiced salt and chili
Prawns with spiced salt and chili (two per person)
Vegetable Spring Rolls

Highlight dish

Crispy aromatic duck


Char Siu Roast Pork, ginger, spring onions
Spicy Aubergine with Chicken Hotpot

Seasonal vegetables stir fried in garlic
Stir-fried mushrooms
Broccoli with garlic
Special fried rice (shrimp, roast pork, chicken)
Boiled rice (not very much!)

We have also enjoyed Pork Belly with preserved vegetables hotpot