Privacy and GDPR

Woking Tai Chi holds your name and email address. It will use this to communicate with you on class matters and possibly personal matters that arise.  If at any time you do not wish to receive emails please let us know.  Your details will not be divulged to any other person or party without your permission.

To ensure privacy the use of the mailing lists and will be used for general contact with members.  At the bottom of each email is an option to unsubscribe.

Some emails, for example receipts, are sent by gmail. We will endeavour to send these as blind carbon copy (bcc) but it is possible that unintentionally they will be sent carbon copy (cc) in which case your name and email address will be in clear.  If this is is of potential concern to you let us know.

If at any time you wish Woking Tai Chi to remove your details from its address book please let us know.