Video of 37 Form

The following is a copy of a message sent to the class googlegroups.

Dear all

This is a long message and may be better viewed as the attached pdf [message dated 13 August 2021]

What am I sending you?

I am re-sending a link to a video of the 37 form. The video was taken by a student for students’ use, but caused a ruction when the link was put on the website where it was visible to the world. Professional niceties are involved. Anita is unaware that I am sending this link to you and should remain unaware. Please treat it with discretion otherwise it may cause Anita embarrassment and have to be disappeared.

What the video is and what is it not.

It is a practice-help video, not a teaching video. If you think it is a teaching video then you are going to be disappointed, but it is extremely useful for reminding you of what the moves are. It isn’t perfect and does not pretend to be. A teaching video involves a very substantial amount of effort to produce, you might be surprised how much, and has to be commercial. As such it will probably not accurately reflect what you are being taught even if created by your teacher some time ago. We – including teachers and Masters – are all learning, developing, understanding better. Which is as it should be.

That the moves are not perfect does not matter so long as it helps you get through the form. Possibly the main problem with practice at home is not being able to recall the next move. The video helps with this. It gives you a base on which to build and improve. The classes are for showing you the correct moves and explaining their meaning, which gives substance to them.

Personally, I am immensely grateful to the ladies for allowing themselves to be video-ed (would you volunteer?). It is a resource I frequently fall back on. I hope you will benefit similarly.

What if I lose the link?

Remember that this message was sent to your googlegroup, which you can access in many ways eg find any message you received as part of the group; there will be a link to the group where you can search messages for ‘video’.

Best wishes, John

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