Lunch Feedback Christmas 2018

Thank you for the comments below, as a result of which we will keep the duck but not the shrimp chop suey and the bean sprouts. I’d like to see more vegetable dishes on the menu but I am not sure which – I would appreciate suggestions. I agree that there was too much food. I usually give a list and a price (£15 all in) and we negotiate a menu. Management has changed and this unusual arrangement was not fully understood. The mushrooms were a casualty.
People paid £15 per head, the actual cost of £16.50 being subsidized from class funds (it wasn’t much).
The aromatic duck was exceptional.
Perhaps we could have less of some other dishes next time.
I think the bean sprouts were less popular because they arrived later and we were replete by that time!
If we save hard we might be able to up the price to £16.50 but as there was so much food over perhaps we could reduce by one dish?
Please keep the duck as I love it !
The food I would change would be the spring rolls ( not much spring in them! ) and the shrimp chop suey but apart from that all the rest was great . To be honest I was full by this stage and never fancy the shrimp chop suey so perhaps take this out and the spring rolls to keep the costs down ?
Don’t remember seeing any mushrooms but liked having lots of veg .
And if it costs the full £ 16.50 I would still come .
[Some people like the spring rolls – the So’s management introduced them as they are cheap!]
The duck was very nice, but I found the sauce too sweet.
I’m not surprised about the bean sprouts; they’re OK if backed into a corner, but the other offerings were much nicer.
I would have no problem with paying a higher price.
Aromatic duck is popular but probably not necessarily worth twice the cost.
I have asked about “chop suey” when in China and Hong Kong but restaurants there have no recollection of it and one even told me it was just the rubbish and leftovers they give the tourists.
I would come to So’s next time if the cost were £16.50
Count me in for next term!