37 form first section mirrored commentary

37 form first section mirrored

step out right
push, raise hands, drop hands,circle hands to left,
turn waist to left, hold ball, ward off right
step to the left, push [keep right forearm level-ish],
[right] grasp sparrow’s tail
press, weight back, weight forwards
push to the right, push to the left, [step behind] single whip
play [left] pipa to the front, donkey kick, elbow strike
[turn left foot in, right tippy-toe forwards to right]
crane spreads its wings [raise left arm, right hand protects right knee]
hold ball left, brush push, donkey kick, play [right] pipa
hold ball left, brush push 1, 2, 3 donkey kick, play [right] pipa
hold ball [left], brush push, [turn right foot out, bring left hand to right]
form fist and cover, [prepare to kick, bring fist to side]
[left] kick [with right hand push], step 1, 2, punch
hand under the elbow, push, cross hands to front [left hand under]