Our venue, the Woking United Reformed Church, GU22 7HA, usually has sufficient on-site parking, but if the car park is full you can park nearby on-street – the nearest is Greenheys Close (opposite the Church), next best is Heathside Park Road and then the next road on, Ashwood Road. See here for a googlemap.

There is also a convenient car park nearby in Heathside Crescent, about £1.20 per hour, but unfortunately it is usually full of commuter cars.

On-street parking regulations

The Parking Services Office has said that parking is permitted on a single yellow lines adjacent to a parking bay outside of the hours on the parking bay plate, unless there is also a post with a plate indicating different hours.

The following snips are from the Woking Borough Council website, in particular the Enforcement page, with added emphases:

Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs)

These are geographically defined areas within which all lengths of kerbside are subject to a waiting restriction. Within the Borough there are three CPZs covering Woking, West Byfleet and Brookwood. Yellow lines or designated parking bays indicate where parking is prohibited or permitted during the CPZ operating hours and the times when the restrictions apply are on the CPZ entry signs on the way into the zone.

Therefore, because a common restriction applies there will not necessarily be individual Time Plates in place throughout the zone. The exception to this occurs when a different restriction is in place in a particular location within the CPZ and then a supporting Time Plate will be displayed showing when the restriction operates.


Parking Services have said that the times displayed on a parking bay also apply to the single yellow lines adjacent to the bays; ie parking on the single yellow lines is permitted outside of the times indicated for the bay. Unless there is a Time Plate saying otherwise.

From Frequently asked questions

Why is there a yellow line but no sign nearby to indicate when the parking controls operate?

The road is within a Controlled Parking Zone CPZ), where the hours that the parking controls operate are shown on signs at the entry points to the CPZ, rather than in each road. Yellow lines within the zone are only signed if the control hours at that location are different from elsewhere in that zone.

When can I park in an on-street parking bay?

A time-plate will indicate any hours when restrictions apply. Bays may be restricted for the use of residents’ parking permit holders only, or have a maximum period that you can stay, and the conditions applying to that bay will be clearly shown on the time plate. Outside of those hours there is unlimited parking without payment.